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In New South Wales it is compulsory to have the Contract for Sale prepared and available for inspection prior to the property being advertised for sale.

We will prepare the Contract for Sale, including title searches, copies of plans, sewer diagrams and Council certificates for you within 24 hours of receiving your signed instructions and costs agreement, which can be downloaded from this site. We will send the Contract to your real estate agent, so that your agent may commence marketing the property immediately.

When a buyer is found the Agent will advise us of the price and the purchaser's details. We will send the duplicate contract to the Purchaser's Conveyancer and arrange for you to sign the original contract.

When the purchaser has finalised their finance and satisfactory inspections of the property the contracts will be exchanged and the deposit paid. We then hold the contract signed by the purchaser. The Vendor and Purchaser are bound by the conditions of the contract from the date of exchange.
Settlement is usually 42 days (6 weeks) from the date of exchange.

During the period between exchange and settlement Cause Conveyancing will arrange for any mortgage on your title to be discharged, answer the purchaser’s questions about the title and arrange for you to sign the Transfer.

A settlement time is arranged with the purchaser’s conveyancer and your discharging mortgagee. Cause Conveyancing will attend settlement on your behalf and hand the title deed and necessary documents to the purchaser, in return for the sale monies by way of bank cheque made out as instructed by you and your mortgagee. Following settlement we can deposit the sale funds directly into your bank account. Our costs will be paid on settlement.

We will notify the Department of Lands, Council and the water board of the change in ownership.

Following settlement you will receive a detailed Settlement Statement and a receipt of Cause Conveyancing's costs.

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